Liwaa Yazji, Goats, directed by Hamish Pirie at the Royal Court Theatre, Nov-Dec 2017 (and published by Nick Hern Books, 2017).

'Disturbing, bitterly funny and caustically angry ... a painful and original piece about the terrible price of conflict'
Financial Times

'There are bursts of clarity ... in Katharine Halls’ translation, there are reverberant lines'
The Guardian

Khashabi Ensemble, Hash, surtitles, 2017.

Mohammad Al Attar, selected texts from Aleppo: A Portrait of Absence, performance at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Sep 2017.

Maya Zbib, Ghalia’s Miles, directed by Lucy Morrison at the Royal Court Theatre, March 2016, and the Edinburgh International Festival, Aug 2017.

Khashabi Ensemble, Other Places, surtitles, 2017.

Mohamed Abdelkarim, Oh, I am sorry! I didn’t mean to scratch your face, performance text, 2017.

Laila Soliman, Zig Zig, surtitles, 2016 (also research).

Zainab Magdy, Ordinary People, surtitles, 2016.

Kark'a Ensemble, Elements, surtitles, 2016.

Sobhi Hosari, My Dance, My Story, surtitles, 2016.

Bashar Murkus, The Year of Snow, surtitles, 2016.

Laila Soliman, Whims of Freedom, surtitles, 2014.

Laila Soliman, Lessons in Revolting, surtitles, 2011. Co-translation with Ebtihal Shedid.

Royal Court Theatre, International Playwrights’ Programme plays in progress, ongoing.